Hey! Thanks for stopping by.  I just wanted to take a minute and tell you a little bit about my story and why I do what I do.

Almost 7 years ago I had my baby girl.  We were in the hospital for 4 days, and she was born by C-section.  I have about 6 pictures from that entire time! And when I look back at those pictures I get emotional because there are so many moments that did not get captured on in photos. I don't have any photos of her being weighed or measured, I don't have a picture of the first time Daddy held her. There's so many details from that day that I wish I could remember more clearly.

With all the emotions that were felt in those days I can barely remember a lot of it; my memories are very fuzzy. I don't want that for other mothers I want them to have beautiful photographs to look back on. I want every moment documented. From the first time they see and hold their baby,  and Daddy holds the baby, to when they meet any siblings, or when grandparents come to visit, all the nurses, and the hands that took care of both mama and baby during that time these should be documented.

I want to give this these memories to other mothers! I want to give them their legacy, their story that they can remember and look back on for years to come. Not only for them but for their children! So their children can look back on and see through their mother's eyes how their mom felt on the day they were born so.

So much of this is forgotten when we don't have pictures. Our mind and our memories fade over time but photographs will always remain true.

What was your experience? Did you have a birth photographer? Do you wish you would have? Is Birth photography not for you? I want to hear from you.

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